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The structure of the company

Zelinsky Group Ltd is a brand that unites three manufacturers of respiratory protective equipment: Sorbent JSC (Perm), EHMZ named after N.D.Zelinsky OJSC (Elektrostal), Tambovmash JSC (Tambov). The new name emphasizes the relationship with Nikolai Zelinsky - the great Russian scientist and chemist who created the first effective gas mask.

Plants included in the corporation are the leading developers of gas masks, respirators, filters and other RPE. All products meet the requirements of international standards. The production process is based on innovative principles, the latest materials and advanced technologies.

Our goal is to protect people in emergency situations, providing them with means of effective protection from exposure to hazardous substances.
Zelinsky Group also supplies components for the production of RPE and chemical raw materials for the production of component parts.

Russia, 144001, Moscow region, Electrostal, K.Marks str., 1

EHMZ named after N.D. Zelinsky is one of the first manufacturers of respiratory protective equipment in Russia, the founder of this industry.

The history of the enterprise began on the 28th of June in 1937.

The plant is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of gas masks, absorbers and other products for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other structures.

All products meet stringent international standards. The main advantages of the plant are qualified staff, updated equipment and competent management. The company is characterized by dynamic development and active integration into the global production of means of individual and collective protection.

Tambovmash JSC
Tambovmash JSC
Russia, 392000, Tambov, proyezd Montazhnikov 10

Tambovmash JSC is the industrial enterprise for production of RPE founded on March 17, 1944. At the beginning of its activity the plant made the chemical equipment and spare parts to it, and then moved to release of the industrial filtering gas masks and respirators.

The products manufactured by the enterprise were developed for use by industrial workers at potentially dangerous objects of railway transport, agriculture and various industries: petrochemical, gas, energy, metallurgical, chemical, coal mining.

Personal protective equipment of Tambovmash became known both within Russia and in other countries. Their high protective properties are combined with optimized ergonomic performance. The quality of products is provided by a certified management system and is confirmed by certificates.

The mission of Tambovmash is to create high-quality products for guaranteed protection of consumers from harmful and dangerous factors.

Sorbent JSC
Sorbent JSC
Russia, 614113, Perm, Galperina str., 6

Sorbent JSC is a diversified enterprise. It produces respiratory protective equipment, activated carbon, water purification equipment, chemical absorbers and catalysts, household filters, etc.

The foundation date of Sorbent JSC is August 26, 1939. The company was established on the basis of the production of activated carbon from birch wood.

Currently, the plant's products are used in various industries and due to the decent quality level it allows the company to be among the market leaders. Protective equipment is being delivered for the needs of civil defense and labor protection, for rescuing during work in emergency situations, during emergency evacuation from the area of man-made accidents.

Excellent consumer properties of products manufactured by the company are provided by its own production and research base, high qualifications and long-term experience of employees.

Sorbent JSC is one of the enterprises of the full production cycle. Products manufactured by the plant are controlled by its own technical control department and the military representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Learn more information about the company Sorbent JSC on the official website.

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