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We produce

Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment for civil defense

Civilian gas masks, filters, facepieces, protective chambers for children, respirators

Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment for industrial protection

RPE with thread connection, RPE with bayonet connection, hose gas masks, self-rescuers for evacuation of industrial personnel

Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment for force structures

Respirators, gas masks

Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment for evacuation in case of fires (Self-rescuers)

Filtering self-rescuers, isolating self-rescuers

Isolating Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment

Gas masks, cartridges, portable breathing devices

Self-contained breathing apparatus

Collective protection

Means of collective protection and component parts

Other Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment

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About Company

Production capacity of four factories

Three leading Russian enterprises work under the brand of Zelinsky Group: Sorbent, Tambovmash and Elektrostal Chemical and Mechanical Plant named after N.D. Zelinsky.

The mission of Zelinsky Group is to be a symbol of unrivaled protection. We are proud to bear the name of the outstanding scientist Nikolai Zelinsky, the inventor of the first effective gas mask, who devoted the whole life to the development of filtration tools to save people from toxic substances.

Today, Zelinsky Group is:

• Production capacity of four enterprises.
• A wide range of products: industrial gas masks and respirators, self-rescuers for protection in case of fire, collective protective equipment, etc.
• Individual product development according to customer requirements.
• Products that meet all quality standards.

Carefully preserving the traditions of the industry, our company creates a modern and unique product that provides protection of people's life and health, comfortable and safe work.


Customer-oriented approach

We design and manufacture products with desired properties and to order. We assist in the selection and maintenance of PPE. We consult on the development of corporate standards in terms of requirements for personal protective equipment, as well as other aspects of safety and protection of people's health.

Experience and innovations

The vast experience in the field of sorption technologies allows us to comprehensively solve the problems of gas protection and create new products with excellent properties.

Quality Management

The quality control is carried out by the technical control department and the military representative of the Ministry of Defense, which ensures high quality and reliability of our products.



The official date of foundation of EHMZ named after N.D. Zelinsky is June 28, 1937. The main purpose of the plant was the production of individual and collective means of protection

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August 26, 1939 was the official date of creation of the enterprise based on the production of activated carbon.

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Tambovmash JSC is a diversified industrial enterprise founded on March 17, 1944. The main products were chemical equipment and spare parts for it.

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