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Career in Zelinsky Group Ltd

We have four production plants in Russia with a total headcount of more than 3,500 people. Enterprises with more than half a century of history have retained their scientific and technical potential, which allows young professionals to gain access to their accumulated knowledge, to acquire new professional skills. We represent the possibility of professional and career development, both within one enterprise and at the Group's enterprises.

Staff Objective

Create attractive working conditions, modern jobs for young professionals, as well as experienced professionals with a high level of qualification, seeking professional development, for those who are important to contribute to the creation of products to protect people and the world around them.

Our advantages in the labor market

  • Stability

    The company's financial stability and a diversified product portfolio allow the company to build long-term development plans in both Russian and foreign markets. The geography of supplies covers not only the CIS countries, but also the European Union, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

  • Reputation

    The Group's enterprises have the reputation of a reliable manufacturer, both in the Russian market and in foreign markets.

  • Professional Development

    We provide training and development opportunities in various professional fields. The company holds various training events, our employees regularly participate in various master classes, seminars, events for the exchange of experience, and internships at leading Russian enterprises.

  • Career opportunity

    There is a possibility of development both within the framework of one enterprise and at the enterprises of the Group.

  • Ability to create

    For creative and active people there is an opportunity to create new products, technologies, we offer a huge field for creativity and self-realization.

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