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When should I replace filters?

Filters are designed to clean the inhaled air from harmful substances. They are used with full face masks and half masks. The working principle of the filter is simple. It is based on an absorber (activated carbon treated with special chemicals). Harmful substances entering the filter settle in the pores of activated carbon or they are neutralized as a result of a chemical reaction with the components of the absorber, and therefore a person breathes clean air.

Filter replacement:

 1. Gas filters (protection against gases and vapors): replace if you smell a harmful substance in the inner mask space or feel the irritation of the respiratory system.

 2. Combined filters (protection against gases, vapors and particles): replace if there is a sharp difficulty in breathing, the appearance of a smell of harmful substances in the inner mask space or irritation of the respiratory system.

 3. Particle filters (protection against particles): replace if breathing is difficult.

Attention! Before using the filter, you must read the instructions for use.

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