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Trust but verify. Correct donning of RPE

Before each use, the user must check the correct assembly of the respirator and check its correct donning and tightness, since the effectiveness of protection significantly depends on this:

1. Put on the assembled respirator, so that the mask fits snugly to the face without distortions and heavy pressure. Place the palm of the hand over the exhalation valve cover and exhale gently. If the mask bulges slightly and no air leakage is detected, a proper fit has been achieved.

2. If air leakage is detected, check the tightness of the mask. Remove the filters. Cover the holes in the saddles of inhalation valve on the side surfaces with your hands. Take 2-3 deep breaths and hold your breath for a while. If it is impossible to breathe and the mask shrinks slightly, then the mask fits snugly to the face, the size of the mask is chosen correctly. If air passes under the mask and it straightens out, then you should provide additional checking or try a mask of a different size.

Our specialists always offer advice on the correct fitting and usage of RPE.

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