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The increase of PPE production

In connection with the current situation around the world, the main goal of Zelinsky Group is to ensure the safety of people with the help of effective respiratory personal protective equipment.

The pandemic has confirmed that even in the 21st century security remains the primary value of people. Due to the increased demand for protective products, the company focused on accelerating production processes, redistributing internal resources and increasing output.

The Russian government is actively providing assistance to industrial enterprises to ensure their stable operation.

So, JSC Sorbent, the production site of Zelinsky Group, launched the project “Increasing the production of PPE” in 2020. About 200 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget on the production development.

Equipment has already been purchased from Taiwan, France, Germany, China and Japan to expand the UNIX product line, to manufacture isolating half masks (in particular, molding rubber and silicone), as well as installations for checking the permeability and resistance of filtering materials.

The project will be implemented between 2020 and 2022. The purchase of the new equipment will help to significantly increase the production of respiratory personal protective equipment.

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