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Iranian miners tested self-rescuer SR-4

Zelinsky Group confirms the effectiveness of its products in practice. And this is really important: tests provide an opportunity to assess the quality of products, as well as guarantee their safe operation and reliable protection.

On the 28th of April, experts of Zelinsky Group visited the coal mine Madanjoo in Iran for joint testing of self-rescuers SR-4 and organizing a training seminar for miners.

The core of the test was the following:

Wheat was burned in the 35-meter tunnel. Two people were put into the tunnel: one of them was a tester equipped with SR-4 filtering self-rescuer and a sensor for measuring the level of oxygen and carbon monoxide (CO); the other one was a rescuer equipped with a breathing apparatus. The content of CO in the tunnel did not exceed 2000 pmm, the oxygen level did not fall below 18.5. During the entire test (1 hour 10 minutes) our product – a special filtering self-rescuer SR-4 – perfectly proved its ergonomic and protective properties.

The work of miners always requires reliable means of protection, therefore, the specialists of Zelinsky Group also demonstrated UNIX half masks with particle filters UNIX 303 P3 D in a plastic case. UNIX 303 P3 D filter is an actual product for miners, because it is designed to protect the respiratory organs in conditions of high humidity and dust.

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