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Full face and half face respirators with disinfection option

Zelinsky Group produces UNIX (bayonet) and DOT (thread) filtering respirators complete with particle filters for protection of the human respiratory system (full face respirators additionally protect the face and eyes) from harmful particles, including airborne infections of bacterial and virus nature.


UNIX series full face and half face respirators are equipped with UNIX 5000/5100, UNIX 6100 full face mask or UNIX 1000/1100, UNIX 2100 half mask with particle filter UNIX 303 P3 R D - high efficiency closed-type particle filter for humid environments, dust-resistant, reusable, for more than one shift. It has fast and reliable bayonet filter connection.


DOT series full face respirators are equipped with a full face MAG mask and a DOT P3 R D filter in metal design. In the upper part of the filter body there is a round thread for connection to the facepiece.


All full face and half face respirators produced by Zelinsky Group have a disinfection option:

Full face masks and half masks are disinfected by a chemical method: by immersion in a 4.0% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and 0.5% detergent followed by rinsing with running water until the odor of the disinfectant is completely removed, wiping with a soft dry cloth and drying at a temperature of not more than 50 ° C until visible moisture disappears.

The filter is disinfected with dry hot air in an air sterilizer at a temperature not exceeding 120 ° C for 45 minutes. The shelf life of the filter is not more than 20 disinfection cycles.

Full face and half face masks are prohibited if you have a beard, sideburns or mustache. Under no circumstances should the hair and hood of the suit get under the mask. Do not use a full face mask with goggles. You lose tightness by violating these rules!

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