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Effective reusable protection against nitrogen oxides

Zelinsky Group is the only manufacturer of a unique filter made of composite material with reusable protection against nitrogen oxides (NO) -

The combined filter DOTpro M 600 A2V2E2K2NOP3 R D is designed to clean the inhaled air from vaporous and gaseous harmful substances and particles. It is certified in the European Union and has no analogues in the field of reusable multifunctional protection of workers of mineral fertilizers enterprises. It has an increased protective power for organic vapors and ammonia, and the product itself is more technologically advanced in manufacturing. The filter must be replaced if there is a smell of harmful substances in the inner mask space.


• Enterprises for the production of mineral nitrogen fertilizers;
• Production of nitro compounds for explosives for the military industry;
• Production of amyl - rocket fuel oxidizer.

The filter provides protection against the following harmful substances:

• Organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C;
• Inorganic gases and vapors;
• Acid gases and vapors;
• Ammonia and its organic derivatives;
• Nitrogen oxides;
• Particles.


• The multiple use of DOTpro M 600 filters for nitrogen oxides is confirmed by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Annex II;
• Multifunctionality and highly effective protection against organic gases and vapors, inorganic and acid gases and vapors, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and particles;
• Long-lasting guaranteed shelf life of filters - 5.5 years.

Our own production of filter absorbers makes the company responsible for the end product and guarantees a consistently high product quality. DOTpro M 600 filters manufactured by Zelinsky Group contribute to the development of reusable protection against nitrogen oxides at the international level, and consumers can undoubtedly be sure of complete and effective protection against harmful substances.

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